It comes in waves,  like a tsunami, destroying everything in its way.

Scared. Controlled. Confused. Lost.

It comes as a heavy weight, controlling but convincing. It has a way of making the world glum with no real reason at all. Death becomes the only answer. The cons of living outweigh the pros and the only remaining question becomes how?

Upset. Alone. Unloved. Self conscious.

The second wave implants its own lens in front of the truth. Evaluating every action infinite times. People don’t care. Friendships don’t exist. The feeling of being understood by another human is a past memory. Why keep people around? They don’t want you. You will never be happy again. No one wants to deal with a weekly mess. Just let go of it all. It all makes sense that way. 

Can one argue with the truth right in front of them?

Let me know what you think!