About me

Welcome to Untethering Life 

Before you have to endure all my ups and downs with me. I will get straight to the point and give you of an overview of my journey before starting this blog.

I have had depression for a few years. A few months ago I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Therapy only started recently and the road to recovery is a long and ongoing challenge.

The theme and name of this blog proved to be a struggle. I aim to stay away from the stigma of identifying with the disorders you’ve been labelled with. this idea is an everyday issue. Similar to everyone else, I’m trying to find myself and learn more about who I am as a person. When you’ve been labelled with a psychological disorder, it becomes a more complicated and difficult battle. If I had broken a leg I would never include this as part of who I am. Perhaps it’s who I am in this period of my life until the leg heals, it is no longer a part of me. Therefore, like a broken leg, when my psyche heals, BPD and depression will no longer be a part of me.

I find it difficult to read about those who have been through depression and are so happy now and can talk about depression as it was nothing. Depression is always so sugarcoated. This blog is very raw. I still have waves of emotions, and times that I am back to the lowest point I’ve ever been. Boy, will you hear about it.

 Writing has been an outlet for my never ending thoughts and problems – we all have our own outlets and hopefully this will inspire you to find an outlet right for you. 

You should know that I am a terrible writer and hopefully writing posts will help me improve, as well as helping me convey my emotions better to both you and to myself. 

P.s. I do enjoy the outdoors, a lot. I also try to offload my emotions in forms of poems or food. You are more than likely to see a few adventures here and there.