Hola Covid-19, Adios Adventures

Oh isn’t the world rather humorous.

It has been six months since I was writing a blog post about my first month of travel. The sights I saw, the people who made the journey of life special and all the great ice cream and mangos I had eaten. 

I had written about my mental breakdowns, the difficulty of being surrounded by strangers and the reality of solo travel.

Yet here I am, recollecting the journey that cut my two year adventure short, and forced me to come home after five weeks.

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Foreign Language

Sometimes, it is hard to explain how depression feels like, those who have not experienced it, find it hard to know what to say and what to do. Some forget that this can become someones daily life. For those who are going through this, don’t forget that you’re not alone, there are many hiding behind the walls that society has created for people like us.

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If I Am To Die Tonight

Trigger Warning – Suicide. 

Before you read this, please know I am in a much better place now. This was written a few months ago, when staying alive was a battle I fought daily. I wanted to share this to remind people that there are two sides to the story, suicide is something that fragments every part of our being into believing it is the only solution. Right at that moment, it sure doesn’t feel like there is another answer.

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Meeting Depression

Depression. You can liken him to an imaginary friend. To everyone else, you are crazy but depression to me, he is as real as it gets.

The world was my oyster, graduate of an Engineering Honours Degree, started a new job, a new life in Tauranga, I had great friends around me. I was happy. I thought I was happy. Everything going for me. That’s what I thought.

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